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Comdex Foundation of Information Technology, Class 10
ISBN: 978-93-5119-874-1 | Pages: 388 | Price: Rs. 429/- w/CD |Author: Vikas Gupta
The role and impact of Information Technology (IT) cannot be underestimated in our lives. The way we use and access information has changed dramatically in recent years. The Internet has played a pivotal role in all this by ensuring easy accessibility of information. The importance of IT is likely to increase even more in the 21st century.

What's Inside:

  •  Presenting the concepts in simple language
  • Using a step-by-step approach, supplemented by figures and callouts
  • Presenting Definition, Did You Know?, Note, Quick Quiz, Guess Who? and Additional Information in an attractive style
  • Providing solved as well as unsolved questions at the end of each chapter – both formative and summative
  • Solved and unsolved CBSE exam questions at the end of each chapter
  • Latest sample papers of CBSE

Key Features:
  •  Full Colour Textbook
  •  Complete CBSE Syllabus Coverage
  •  Illustrations and real-life examples to explain concepts
  •  Equipped with pedagogical elements
  •  Cheat Sheet and Key Terms for quick review of concepts
  •  Questions for Summative and Formative Assessment include: MCQs, VBQs, HOTs, Lab Activities, Application-Oriented Questions

Table of Contents:
Introduction to the Internet

History of the Internet
Understanding the Working of the Internet
Who Manages the Internet?
Uses of the Internet
Surfing and Searching the Internet
Advantages of the Internet
Disadvantages of the Internet
Accessing the Internet
Dial-up Connection
Broadband Connection
Leased Line
Wireless Connection
Understanding the Terminology Related to the Internet
World Wide Web (WWW)
Web Page
Web Browser
Web Address and URL
Web Server
HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP)
Cheat Sheet
Key Terms
Practice Questions

Internet and Web Services

Connecting the PC to the Internet 
Retrieving Information from the Internet 
Working with E-Mail
Advantages of E-Mail 
Limitations of E-Mail 
Tasks Associated with E-Mailing
Exploring the Search Engines
Searching Information by Using a Search Engine
Working of Search Engines
Finding People on the Internet 
Chatting on the Internet
Using the Internet for Video Conferencing
Defining the FTP and TELNET Protocols
The FTP Protocol
The TELNET Protocol
Defining Blogs
Defining Forums
Defining Newsgroups 
Understanding E-Learning
Understanding E-Commerce
Mobile Ticketing
Common Uses of Mobile Ticketing
Advantages of Mobile Ticketing
Disadvantages of Mobile Ticketing
Information-Only System
Electronic Information Transfer System 
Fully Electronic Transactional System
Payment Bank
Online Shopping
Online Reservation
Understanding E-Groups
Defining Social Networking
Advantages of Social Networking
Disadvantages of Social Networking
Understanding Internet Etiquettes
Preventing E-Mail Spam
Maintaining Privacy on the Internet
Respecting the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)
Refraining from Pornography
Cheat Sheet
Key Terms
Practice Questions

Introduction to Database

A Database
Need for DBMS
Working of DBMS
Advantages of DBMS
Disadvantages of DBMS
Exploring the Different Types of Databases
Introducing OpenOffice Base
Designing a Database
Cheat Sheet
Key Terms
Practice Questions

Database Management Tool — OpenOffice Base

Starting OpenOffice Base
Creating a Database in Base
Understanding Tables
Deciding Table Content and Properties
Creating a Table in Base 
Working with Fields in a Table
Adding a Field to a Table
Moving a Field
Deleting a Field
Defining Field Properties
Setting Field Properties
Setting the Primary Key
Working with Data
Entering Data or Inserting Records in a Table
Editing Data in a Table
Deleting Records from a Table
Opening an Existing Database
Creating a Query Using the Design View
Clauses of a Query 
Navigating in a Table
Cheat Sheet
Key Terms
Practice Questions

Information Representation  Method — HTML-I

Getting Started with HTML
HTML Markup: Writing HTML Documents
Container and Empty Elements
Defining the Html Element Structure
Basic Structure of an HTML Document
Creating and Saving an  HTML Document
Creating an HTML Document
Saving an HTML Document
Viewing an HTML Document
Using Attribute with the Basic HTML Tags
The <HTML> Tag
The <HEAD> Tag
The <TITLE> Tag
The <BODY> Tag
Heading Levels in HTML
Formatting Text in HTML
Creating Horizontal Rule
Commenting the Text
Applying Styles to Individual  Words or Sentences
Applying Logical Text Style
Applying Physical Text Styles
Creating a Subscript and Superscript
Working with Character Entities
Working with Lists
Creating an Unordered List
Creating an Ordered List
Creating a Definition List
Nesting Lists
Cheat Sheet
Key Terms
Practice Questions

Information Representation  Method — HTML-II

Working with Images
Inserting an Image in a Web Page
Displaying Alternate Text for an Image
Aligning an Image
Setting the Height and Width of an Image
Linking Web Pages
Significance of Linking
External Linking
Internal Linking
Sending E-mail Messages from a Browser
Understanding Tables
The <TABLE> Tag
The <TR> Tag
Using the BGCOLOR Attribute
The <TD> and <TH> Tags
The <THEAD>, <TFOOT> and <TBODY> Tags
Cheat Sheet
Key Terms
Practice Questions
Advanced HTML
Working with Frames
Creating a Frame (Vertical and Horizontal)
Applying Hyperlink Targets to a Frame
Creating an HTML Form
Using the <INPUT> Tag
Adding a Text Area
Creating a Drop-Down List
Grouping Controls Using FIELDSET and LEGEND  Elements

Information Representation  Method — XML

History of XML
Introducing XML
Salient Features of XML
Creating a Simple XML Document
Displaying an XML Document in a Browser
Exploring the XML Document Structure
Physical Structure
Logical structure
Types of XML Documents
Well-Formed XML Document
Valid XML Document
Introducing CSS
Using CSS with an HTML Document
Using CSS with an XML Document
Inserting a New Line in XML
Validating an XML Document
Defining Software Validation
Differentiating XML and Other Technologies
Differentiating XML and SGML
Differentiating XML and HTML
Differentiating XML and EDI
Comparing XML and HTML
Data Separation
Data Sharing
Document Structure
Nested Elements
Attributes and Values
Exploring the Advantages and Disadvantages  of XML
Components of an XML Document
Defining an Element
Specifying the Number of Child Elements
Cheat Sheet
Key Terms
Practice Questions
UNIT Three

IT Applications

BASE Projects
Project 1: Creating a Personal Data Record
Project 2: Creating a School/Class Result Record
Project 3: Creating Employee Payroll Database
Project 4: Creating a Stock Inventory Database
Project 5: Creating a Vehicle Parking Database
HTML Web Pages
Project 6: My Homepage
Project 7: My School Web Page 
Project 8: My Family Web Page
HTML Websites
Project 9: Personal Blog
Project 10: Travel and Tourism
Project 11: Environment (Save Energy)  and Pollution (Global Warming)
Project 12: School Website
Project 13: Statistics on India
Practice Questions

Societal Impacts of IT

Major Ethical Issues
Hackers and Crackers
Exploring Computer Viruses
How Computer Viruses Spread
Damage Caused by Viruses
Introducing Trojan Horses
Introducing Worms
How Worms Spread
Damage Caused by Worms
Introducing Spam
Preventing a Virus Attack
Introducing Antivirus Software
How Does Antivirus Work?
Why Install Antivirus Software?
What Does Antivirus Software Do?
What Antivirus Software Does Not Do?
Implementing Backup and Restore
Why to Take Data Backup?
Where to Back Up Your Data?
How to Back Up Your Data?
Categories of Backups
Explaining Online Data Backup
Information Security in E-Commerce
Encryption, Digital Signatures and Certificates
Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
PCI, SET, Firewalls and Kerberos
Social Networking
Introducing ICT
Benefits of ICT in Education
Benefits of ICT in Healthcare
Benefits of ICT in Governance
Benefits of ICT in Virtual School
Emergence of Knowledge Economy
Negative Impact of ICT on Society
Knowledge-based Society
Digital Unity and Digital Divide
Cheat Sheet
Key Terms
Practice Questions
Sample Question Papers
NCO Question Bank
About the CD
Online Resource Center

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