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About Us
Dreamtech Press : A Glimpse
Leadership Team
Dreamtech Press : A Glimpse

Dreamtech Press is a team of highly motivated, diligent, agile, dexterous, and smart-working employees, characterized by professionalism and experience buoyed by youthful energy. Our employees are our most valued assets; the organization bubbles with energy and innovations. The promoters of Dreamtech Press enjoy an opulent lineage of over five decades of book publishing in trade books. The competition in India is with formidable names such as McGraw Hill, Pearson, and Prentice Hall of India (PHI). Since our inception, we have been tracing the trajectory of victory and triumph, firmly based on our commitment towards excellence, our abounding work culture, and our ethics and values.

We follow the policy of symbiotic co-existence and always endeavor to benefit from collaborative efforts. In this pursuit, we ensure that the experience of all relevant people and groups is benefited from aptly and efficiently. The experience of our team, combined with the experience of our strategic partners such as Wiley India and others, ensures that we stay on top and continue to create higher benchmarks. Our experience in book publishing is further reinforced by the patronage of eminent authors who have been associated with us.

Creativity, it has been maintained, is quite restricted in the publishing domain, specifically in IT publishing. Contrary to this belief, we at Dreamtech Press have time and again proved to be creative beyond expectations. The authors, reviewers, and editors at Dreamtech Press make apt use of their knowledge of the subject matter, Instructional Design, cognitive science, and publishing to induce and maintain learner attention and relevance in our books.

We creatively employ our knowledge to ensure that the learning tools designed at Dreamtech Press are not only relevant and germane, but also engaging and reader-focused. This is the reason why audience analysis figures as an important phase in the Pre-Production stage of all our books. Everything, ranging from the language and style, to examples, scenarios, case studies, and simulations, are vigilantly customized to encompass the entire gamut of readers for a specific segment. The results are genuinely reflected in the fact that we have fared well in ostensibly different reader-segments and subject domains; Comdex readership on one hand and In Simple Steps and Black Books readership on the other!

Leadership Team

The management team at Dreamtech Press consists of management graduates from top institutes in India, ably supported by state-of-the-art editorial and production capabilities. On the strategic front, we have visualized and implemented a step-by-step initiative led approach for growth. Consequently, we have strongly established our credibility with the Information Technology readers throughout the Indian subcontinent. This has been made possible by blending the knowledge with the aptitude and expertise of our employees in various domains. Acquiring, sharing, maintaining, and persistently increasing our knowledge base has been the predominant aspiration of our team. Be it in the field of technology or the Editorial, Instructional Design and review fields, we have continuously been updating ourselves and are therefore well-acquainted with the latest market trends.


Dreamtech Press has been providing quality learning to a wide spectrum of readers across India. Imbibing the spirit of Knowledge, Creativity, and Experience, Dreamtech Press has witnessed its progression to become a leading publisher of IT, Engineering and Management books in India today. We published our first book in 2000, and have been steadily moving ahead, visualizing and creating higher milestones ever since. Today, the number of titles published by Dreamtech Press has crossed the landmark figure of 1000.

We have ardently analyzed and comprehended the needs of our readers, which include students and professionals, novices and experts, IT and Non-IT audience, and instructors and teachers. We take meticulous care in creating and publishing our books focusing on generic and specific educational requirements, and the demands of our readers. Efficacious process management and enduring quality processes have been the hallmark of our success towards this end. Our dynamic work culture passionately pronounces our lasting commitment to quality and technical accuracy of our books. Our effort to continuously enhance and enrich our books, published under different series catering to the specific needs of each segment of the readers, is a sturdy affirmation towards this end. Impounding on our quality precision, we have not just created books; we have created BRANDS (Black Book (Programming, Tutorial and Projects), In Simple Steps, Comdex, Interview Questions, Certification Guides, Dreamtech Engineering Textbooks, Dreamtech Management Textbooks avidly assert this)!!

Our commitment towards quality and excellence is reinforced by our exclusive sales and distribution agreement with Wiley India Pvt. Ltd., a distinguished and leading international publisher. We have profoundly capitalized on this exclusive agreement with Wiley India, through which we maintain a strong dealer network of over 500 dealers across India. Dreamtech Press now focuses largely in three segments: computers and technology, career and competition, and business and management.

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